The Luckiamute Dog Training Club held it's annual TD test on November 16th. For the first time, we also offered TDX tracks. Test Chair was Bob Parker and our Chief Tracklayer was Margie Dykstra. Thanks to all the folks who came out and laid track for us. You did a fabulous job! Laurie Kudna and Peggy Miller made sure we were all fed very well and thanks go to all the club members who brought food!

Our judges were Roy Fair (OR) and Craig Green (CO). They laid wonderful tracks. Although foggy, the conditions were beautiful. Nice moist ground, but no wind at all. When the fog had lifted enough for the tracklayers to see their flags, we started laying track.

We ended up with 5 TD's and 3 TDX's. 3 of the 5 TD's passed! Sadly none of the TDX's made it.

The TD's: The first track was run by an extremely enthusiastic young German Shepherd bitch. She was raring to go at the start and 4 minutes
later she had a new TD! Congratulations to Cindi Mertz and Grette Vom Adler Stein.

The second track went to another German Shepherd, this time an older gal. She started well and worked methodically, but never got past the
first turn.

Our third track went to a very enthusiastic Golden Retriever bitch who took off like a shot, but missed the first turn.

Our 4th track went to a 7 month old Chesapeake Bay Retriever. She took knowing exactly what she was doing and was so dedicated, she didn't even
care when the line got between her back legs! In a short 5 minutes, she earned her TD. Congratulations to Sally Diess and Yakity's Flying D Splish Splash.

The final TD went to an Australian Shepherd. This young boy knew exactly what he was doing and in 6 minutes, he too became the proud bearer of a new TD. Congratulations to Nancy Seaman and Hisaws Divine Comedy.

The TDX's:

Our first track was run by a Basset Hound who started strongly and made it easily by his first cross tracks. He then overshot the next corner and while working his way back to the track, he came across the second cross track before he found the main track. The cross track was too enticing for him. After the whistle, they finished the track easily. I'm sure this pair will pass soon.

The second track, run by a Chespeake was a heartbreaker. They missed the first article. Otherwise, another beautifully run track and another pair sure to pass soon.

The final track went to a Labrador who ran into the same difficulty as the Basset on track 1. He got off the track and ran into the cross track. With a little more help, he finished the track out well.


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