If the pictures seem to be a bit heavy on the hounds (Harriers!) it's because we did these first batch of pictures and came up with the idea of a page dedicated to LTDC trackers during a training session. Ellen and I are working towards getting four Harriers ready for Spring 2009 TD's. After a short amount of work, Ellen put a TD on her veteran Harrier, Merry!



This is Merry -- a veteran Harrier, owned by Ellen Parr -- earned her TD in the spring of 2008 after a short winter's training!

Summer demonstrating that Cavaliers can track too! Summer has just started her tracking training and is showing real aptitude.


Shine, a Belgian Malinois owned by Catherine Shields and training with Tamara, at 4 years old is just learning to track.

Lola working hard with Tamara in tow.

Peggy Miller's Pip tracking on a rare snowy day.

Peggy's Ranger, TD, working a corner in the snow - winter 2007.

Sherree Lewis's Abby working hard towards her TDX.

Someone's loving that glove! Is it Dharma?


Quiz, on his second time out training, is indicating that he gets the concept!

Scout, another of Sherree's dogs, is just starting her training.

Schooner, TD - Jan. 2008 - gearing up for VST


Lola is another Harrier, owned by Ellen Parr and handled by Tamara.

Vinny, a young Harrier owned by Ellen Parr, is just starting to learn tracking.

Margie Dykstra and her young Harrier, Quiz, who is just
learning to track.








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